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To all the people who are like “there is a spino how do I deal with it”

Well I have had first hand experience fighting these as a low level. So really you have a few options. You can

A: try to kill it with ranged weapons

B: try to kill it with wild herbivores

C: use your tames to try to kill it


D: run

For A

You will want a decent crossbow and 10-20 arrows for a level 1-10. Then get high ground to shoot at it. Spinos have low health off they are low level. But it will try to run

For B

Try finding high level or very strong herbivores

Hit it with a bow and get it to chase you. Then run past a herbivore that’s good for a fight with it and maybe try to help it with a bow

For C

You will need a strong tames and basically you want the spino out of water and you fight it with your tames. Whistle target and send them to fight. Make sure to back them up so use a ranged weapon

And finally for D

D is actually really complex and risky. You need to get all your stuff and put it in your tames and run away from the spino. Now you should scout where your gonna go first and make sure there’s a way to get around all the threats.

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