The first time I played ark.

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The first time I played ark... my first thatch house... I hade a para and 5 dilos and 3 dodos, I was proud back when I was a noob, I collected eggs killd trikes and gave them food. Till one day THERE WAS A SPINO ON THE BEACH 12FT AWAY FROM MY HOUSE! I was terrified, noob me didn't know what to do, I could call my dinos and make them come and make spino aggro, ore I could leave for my own sake. Deciding took to long and by then the spino killd all my tames. I was frustrated, I swore revenge on that spino( I forgot about it for a while)... I was level 47 I felt very good, I hade tames and great weapons. I went back to my first house to place a tumb stone till I saw that mean spino! I was done, they day hade come, i got all my resources and lookt up spino traps I found 1 and built it, i baited him in the trap he fell for it and I knocked him out. I tamed him and he now guards the base(Thx for youre time, im sorry if there are grammar mistakes, my autocoretion is rlly anoying!)

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