Once on The Center map me and my friend were traveling to…

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Once on The Center map me and my friend were traveling to the penguin pond because we loved penguins. While my friend was fending off piranhas on his way to the big iceberg in the middle, i saw a spino slaughtering a woolly rhino. Because spinos are on of my favorite dinos, i perched on a rock and got out my trusty crossbow.

The spino finished murdering the poor rhino, and after a few seconds targeted me. it did manage to climb the rock, but by then i had gotten enough headshots with tranq arrows to make it run before passing out. My friend was back with her level 11 penguin, and had enough fish meat on her to take the spino. it was going slow, and i didn’t want to loose such a good mount, so i started pumping it full of narcoberries and narcotics.

Eventually we got it tamed up, and when i checked the inventory, it’s torpidity was still going up. i didn’t think much of it until the spino passed out halfway though fighting an argentavis. We killed the bird and my friend guarded Kaiju the spino while i ran off the mine a rock. I heard laughter behind me and turned to see my spino, still unconscious,slowly sliding behind me.I still had him set to follow me 😂

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