It was day 2 since I began playing ARK built a decent tatch base and tamed 5 dilo, 3 para, 1 iguana, 2 mosch and 5 dodos. I guess. I was around level 9-12. As I was trying to to call on of dilo which was out of whistling range I saw triceratops head glowing red from a distance. Previously read a comment about trikes head glowing means a spino or rex is nearby. Out of curiosity went near to check its level. Found me, chased me and tried to kill me. But to my good or bad luck all of my tames attacked the spino only to see each of them getting killed by its jaws and claws. Escaped and built another base, went to my previous base just to check on it only to see 3 more spinos nesting there completely. Had to give up that base regrretfully.

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