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I’ve had a snow owl once.

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I’ve had a snow owl once. It was an early thanksgiving gift let’s say. I name him Ice Crasher for his ability to freeze and heal in his ice ball. I did it in the air once and I became a snow owl kamikaze and froze everything near me (hence the name), I pissed off everything I froze so I had to ghost pretty quick. I went for a chitin run one day and I died to some snakes because of server lag. I got there quick to see if my little crasher was a okay. He was just chilling there and I thought to take him in the cave. I thought of the worst but I did it anyways. He killed one snake but there was still two more guarding my soulless corpse. Ice Crasher did not have the IQ that whistle meant attack in this situation, but he knew that aggressive meant destroy. I changed his aggression level to that and it was an onslaught.after killing the snakes he moved on to the scorpions and eventually everything in the side of the cave we were in. Part two coming soon.

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