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I once had a snow owl named Miracle.

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I once had a snow owl named Miracle. Ever since I hatched the little mutated snow owl, we had great adventures, all over the ark universe. We braved the wyvern trenches of ragnarock and valguero, we went into the depths of aberation, and we explored the amazing regions of genesis! We even went into genesis volcano, and a literal miracle happened. My character was glitched in the volcano, and I couldn’t get out! Miracle tried to help by fending off magmasaurs. The volcano eventually erupted, instantly killing me... when I respawned and noticed Miracle wasn’t dead, I was confused. “How didn’t it die in the eruption?” I reentered the volcano, and to my surprise, my beloved owl was alive! From that day on that snow owl was known as Miracle, because of this! A couple weeks later, we were doing a big expedition to ark extiction, to get the Tek replicater tekgram. After we successfully defeated a purple Orbital drop, with help, we decided to go back to our home base on ragnarok. When we got to the city terminal, I cryopoded Miracle and started the transfer process. But something went terribly wrong. The game froze, and I had to reboot my game. When I uploaded to ragnarok, EVERTHING in my inventory was gone....including the cryopod with Miracle...😔 My character and all my levels and engrams were still intact it’s very strange....

Wherever you are Miracle....I will always cherish you, love you, and remember you............Forever

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