I once had a Snow Owl.

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I once had a Snow Owl. Her name was Victoria. She was my ride or die dino. I had Griffins and wyvrens but she was my best friend. And i won an event so the admin said they would color my dino. I decided to get her colored pink and lime green. But one day she passed. She mashed into the ground and couldnt get out, i turned around and saw a wyvern heading right for us. I was going to stand and fight but the wyvern killed me in two shots and one fire breath it was level 150. I died, but before i did i saw Victoria taking damage. My heart dropped. I was flying back on a Griffin but i wasnt fast enough. I saw the red letters i didnt want to see. I have a gravestone set for her and put out a notification on discord for her funeral. And let the server know it was soon. I cried like a little baby and my girlfriend made fun of me for it lol. But it was sad for me. I miss her. I felt like i had a true bond.

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