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Frickin sinomacrops are so cute! I try to tame one and this happened!

Day 1, I wanted to tame a sinomacrops on the beach sand of the 4 mouths or something. I didn’t know it was labeled HARD. I see a sinomacrops! :ooo RAPTOR COMES BEHIND AND KILLS ME! Rip!

Day 2, I spawn same place and see sinomacrops jump and come over to me. I had seen on YouTube on how you place torches and signs around it and it is trapped! I start placing them and then the sinomacrops was like PEACE!

Day 3, tired of trying to get sinomacrops so is just goin to chase it. Level 130 comes up and I feed it chitin! Sinomacrops tamed! I cloned it and took its clone out! Friking other tribe kills it, and I realized that it wasn’t the clone.. rip

Welp that’s all, did you like it? 10 thumbs up and I will make a we will be right back or a raiding story! -Wingnut (the metal bolt idk why I named my ark player that)

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