(True story) getting ready to start abberation I had 2…

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(True story) getting ready to start abberation I had 2 thylas I left one at rag on since I didn’t have enough cryo’s so I started abberaiton many days later I tamed a shinehorne then ravager we’re chasing me on my thyla, I stepped on a freeze spore, I got knocked out I was left on 10 health my thyla was dead I was crying so I killed myself and respawned near my stuff I got my ravager and went to a drop I went back to grab the thyla I left ages ago, when I got there I had 3 creatures ravager shinehorne and thyla but only 2 cryopods I had to leave one behind, shinehorne looked at me as I cryopoded the ravager and thyla and i cried knowing he would go for ever I said my final last goodbyes and he said his and I left, that was the story of leafy the shinehorne But then when I got back the one thing that I found was St bulb aka my bulb dog that came off my shoulder when I was knocked out I then enabled wandering because I knew I couldn’t take him with me then he ran to a green drop then

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