So I was playing crystal isles with my friend.

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So I was playing crystal isles with my friend. I trick him into coming to the edge of a cliff and POW I punch him. I forgot about knockback and he fell to his doom( we had just started so he didn’t have much.) I fell down but didn’t die somehow. He left to take out trash or something like that. I started exploring the ravine and I’m going back to his body when I hear a faint roar. I turn around and I’m murdered by a lvl 12 saber tooth. For some dumb reason I decided to go back and try to get my stuff. I saw it and it saw me. I turned and ran as fast as I could. I got stuck in a tree and was killed. When my friend came back I said “ Do you want to play Minecraft.” This is how I tricked my friend if your curious, I asked him what something was and told him I thought it was a wyvern best he comes over and I say what is that. He says what and I go, it’s green and I punch him.

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