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“Ahh what a nice day to mine a rock” Little does this poor soul know… this rock is sentient. This rock is the rock elemental, it has many other names, like rock golem, rock monster, and so on. If you know what they look like, they’re really easy to avoid. Or if you want to avoid them all together these maps have rock elementals: Scorched earth, Crystal isles, Valguero, Ragnorak, Lost island, and extinction.

What do they look like? They look like your local chad, except enlarge him about the size of a Giga, and cover him with rocks. (Don’t do that) so how do you tame him? It’s a pretty simple tame, but very expensive. Grab a cannon and cannonballs from your local medieval fortress, or if your a square, just make one. Make a few extra cannonballs just to be safe. And look for rocks that look abnormal to their environment, they usually take the form of large grey slate rocks. Get its attention, get it stuck underneath a overhang, place ur cannon and blow his face to next year. It’s ok if you miss one or twice, their torpor goes down clocking in at snail speed. MAKE SURE YOU HIT ITS FACE if you don’t the count doesn’t count. When it knocks out, feed it kibble, or if you have all the time in the world and don’t care about the level, feed it stone, sulphur, or clay.

What’s the purpose of taming this guy. Apart from it looking cool, it’s your #1 soaker right there. Wanna raid a base in pvp but it has a lot of turrets? Introduce it to your rock friend :D ride your golem, and when the turrets start aiming at you, turn around, and look down. This protects you entirely from turret fire, unless it’s all around you. Is that it? Nope they also classify as a sentient catapault, they throw huge rocks! Not convinced? They have a lot of health, and are decently fast. So anyways if you are planning to raid a well defended base? Bring a couple of these guys! Thanks for reading!

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