So one day I went to look for some dire wolves with my…

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So one day I went to look for some dire wolves with my pteranadon but instead I saw a Level 150 Rex (My max)

After waiting for billions of years I was lvl 72 and had a big bird named Nelson. I decided it was finally time to take that rex. When I went there I found nearly by the shore of the Ice biome and it had fell from a cliff fighting wolves and chalis it had about 2k health left. My long neck did 1299 damage and around 200 with tranq darts. I made backups (I was playing on mobile) started my mission it was In a weird place for a trap so I had to shoot from a nearby cliff. I tried so many times but it kept running into the ocean chasing megs and dying. Finally on my last try I was able to shoot 3 times from the cliff but then I fell. I had 350 health but after I fell I had only a 100 left. Then my ascendant flak armour saved the day otherwise I would be rex dinner. It was very terrifying running around it and shooting it it always kept biting me and I took certainly took more than 6 darts. I was on 50 health then it finally got knocked out. I had a 10x balm and wanted to tame the thing with prime meat. But I was unable to whistle my Argie. It was still on the cliff from where I had fallen. I even tried to summon him and the other argies from my base but they wouldn't show up. There was no way to get up the cliff. I was about give up then my Nelson just got summoned near me I was so happy I killed some mammoth for prime and tamed the rex. It was so stressful I was about to name the rex f**k but It was a beautiful shade of white so I named her Morning. But I still have to grind 2 levels before I can ride her

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