[Part three of baby reaper]

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[Part three of baby reaper]

Unknown: so you going to stay there in the corner... trembling?

Baby reaper: I'm not trembling you are the one hiding

Unknown: I guess you are right but its what I do young one

Baby reaper:t-then why don't you come o-out?

Unknown: Fine Fine

As the second of the Unknown proceeded the young reaper began to worry

Unknown: ta-da this is what I look like

Baby reaper: oh you're only a nameless

Nameless: you know why the humans call us us that right?

Baby reaper: no why?

Nameless: because they are lazy and hate me kind and by the way stay away from humans!

Need name ideas!!! Comment your name *for the characters* and then put this code : 3764 and then if you want to you can put your ideas for the story and hope that I see them

BTW the story series name is -A Yong King-

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