When on a meat run bring your light pet most decent levelled rock drakes will kill them.

To get one pregnant by one a simple box with foundations and a space for you and your tame to run through is required. Chomp on it until it glows pink then let it impregnate you by shooting normal arrows at it. Again make sure there is no light pet or you won't see the pink.once impaled

Once impregnated, take your tame up and down spino river to get your Extra 75 levels depending on the server multiplier you have 12 hours. Make a metal box 2 wide 4 long and 2 walls high with a ceiling. about 10 minutes before you give birth encumber yourself with about a about 350 stacks of cooked meat and 500 metal ings when you give birth your first job is to claim it it jumps around which makes it a little difficult hence why you go inside the box. Once claimed it will attack and kill you and take all the meat and metal around you. You will not need to feed it again till juvenile or adolence.

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