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Wanna tame a ravager? I might have some tips that could help! Step one before going out to tame one it’s best to prepare! This is completely up to you what to bring! The ravager very obviously is a carnivore, So it’s best to pack prime or mutton! (Kibble works too!) Ravagers are deadly when you get overwhelmed, the best way to go about this relatively safely is to eithor net them, or grapple ( I recommend shooting a grapple at your base and getting used to the buttons before you go!) I recommend bringing 1/2 flak armor sets (the shield is optional) make sure to pack at least 150 narcotics or more! I recommend bringing 20 tranq darts, a longneck rifle, also consider bringing medical brews! To knock them out is relatively simple here’s some facts that may help; they commonly spawn in pack of 3, when they finish killing something they split up and walk a few feet away before coming back, they will do a gnash attack regardless of whether the alpha is there or not, they are moderately fast, average speed is about 3/9 faster than u with base stats (this was a estimation) Taming is similar to a rapter I’m pretty sure other than the kibble, feed narcotics every 10 to 25 seconds and eventually! You have your self a Savage nugget with legs and jaws with oversized teeth and claws! What for? Well here’s some uses u might want to consider! Transport, with a mount like this I doubt anyone will mess with you, they can carry a small amount of goods! They are also good cave mounts because they can jump, and function in tight spaces, they also do a decent amount of dmg per bite! Overall a good option of transport in aberration, or any map really! You might want to consider taming one! Good luck, happy taming, and take care! :D

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