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If ur wondering how to tame these guys, don’t worry, I tamed one that had 1,000 health. If u want practice getting close to raptors, I recommend doing the raptor hunt pursuit before u attempt to tame a raptor. First, u need to be prepared. Get at least 3-4 bolas, a pike, tranq arrows and bow, and meat and narcotic. For a low lvl u probably won’t need narcotic but mine was lvl 95 so i hv no idea about low lvls. Next, u need to find raptors. They’re usually found in the forest in the far southeast of the Island. Then u just need to knock it out. Approach it slowly and wait for it to run towards u (u don’t wanna go towards it bc then it only has to run a short distance to come attack u). Give urself plenty of time and when it runs towards u, throw bola and knock it out quickly (bolas only last 30 seconds). Put meat in its inventory and use narcotic if unconscious bar goes too low. Keep ur eye out for other raptors (they usually hunt in packs) and use ur pike to defend urself and ur raptor. I recommend bringing a few fighting creatures in case u get jumped on. Once the taming bar reaches the end, u hv a raptor! Raptor saddle unlocks at lvl 18 but if ur still too scared (like me) i recommend waiting till u hv at least tranq arrows (unlock at lvl 21).

Raptors are very useful bc they are pretty fast and they attack well.

Talon (my raptor), is now lvl 130 and it has been a trusty backup when I go hunting. Plz up so other players see this.

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