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~ Silver's story Chapter Three (Or four- I lost track) ~

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~ Silver's story Chapter Three (Or four- I lost track) ~

~ Notes I forgot to post the last one I made so woops ~

(Hehe, Raptor's POV) ~ Stratus (Yes, that is his name) nudged Silver again, his feathers stood on end and the sense of being watched lingered over him like fog, he began pushing Silver with his head, sending a bit of sand flying as she slid threw it "Is something wrong?" Silver asked, sounding confused, Stratus sighed (It sounds like a low growl in a way), Yes, yes there is! He wanted to screech, but humans couldn't understand growls and other noises, he shoved her again, making her take a few steps, he took off running ahead, soon he slid to a stop sending sand flying, he noticed she had barely moved and was picking up materials along the beach, he sighed again, humans ~

~ Silver had no idea what the raptor was doing, she looked back at him as he was growling and his back claw tapped against the sand impatiently, Silver turned back to the plant material in her hand ~

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