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~ Silver's story, Chapter one

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~ Silver's story, Chapter one

~ Notes : This is about a girl and a raptor, (soon other creatures), the human forgot every part of their lives accept waking up in the beach, Ill add some other stories of this into other pages, And put it out here where I put them, Thank you! ~

~ Silver opened her eyes and rubbed her head, where was she? She felt the sand under her hands and clenched her fists together, she stumbled up, she had odd cloth clothes on her, they felt soggy and uncomfortable, she began scratching at her wrist and noticed the gem, she yelped and went stumbling into the water, she scratched her head and brushed salt water from her face, she looked at the gem again "What is this..." She murmured and scratched at it, she heard a rustling and looked around, a red raptors head broke threw the treeline, She shrieked and tried to get away but the raptor was already beside her, it's head tilted and it dropped meat at her feet "Your not trying to murdur me?" Silver confused ~

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