So, I recently moved to the main island, I lived on some…

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So, I recently moved to the main island, I lived on some small herbivore island and I wasvery mad at the way I had to transport animals, my level 8 raptor was with me, I was looking for a carno sized carnivore that is easy to tame for people under level 30,I find a carno, take it down, give it meat, another carno attacks, killed it, I find another raptor, a few arrows to the head and it was down, then a therizinosaur comes from behind, it comes around a rock, it attacks me, my level 8 raptor attacks it back and it dies, the theri was asleep and I tried to tame it but it was taking too long and I didn't have narcotics or narcoberries, I kill it, the raptor waa level 29, a few hours later I find a spino, i wanted to tame it but 3 raptors were around, took 1 down, a carbo attacks it, killed the carbo, but I accidentally killed it, then the second one attacks, took it down and gave it meat, the third arrives and its down too, they wake up and we go to the base, I lost 1 but got 3!

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