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So I was looking for a spino I spott3d near my base, I was…

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So I was looking for a spino I spott3d near my base, I was with my level 31 raptor, it was very orange, i only had 7 arrows, I tried taking it down, it killed me, my raptor somehow survived with 11 hp, I came with a level 1 raptor and I have never felt fear like that before, then when going home as fast as possible into the open arms of my trile, stego, dilo, dodo, para and carbos and ptera all on neutral except for ptera, I see a trike with alpha effects, great, I see another thing with alpha effects and a theri on my side of the river, I never ran so fast with a rapyor in ark since I started playing it, that spino will forever haunt me in my sleep, I will never forget its orange body! But I will come back stronger than our last encounter, and I will tame it!

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