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So once I was getting metal like a normal guy then it got…

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So once I was getting metal like a normal guy then it got dark so I shoved the metal in the refining forge got on my pterodactyl and went home to sleep (I was in solo). The next day I harvested my crops and hopped on my pterodactyl and headed to my harvesting spot then I saw a alpha raptor. I never saw one before but I heard it was just a beefed up raptor so I just started to shoot him. Then I found out he had 3600 health and he was only level 12 so I tried to escape on my pterodactyl but then the alpha bit him and he went crazy so I could not get on him. Then in all the chaos MY GUN BROKE so i could not shoot him. I got out my pike and tried to poke him but he just kept mauling my pterodactyl and when he finally killed him he turned on me and killed me to. RIP Jason

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