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I had four raptors, Cutie, Stefan, Joseph and Rose.

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I had four raptors, Cutie, Stefan, Joseph and Rose. I was out of the game for a couple of minutes, my raptors were standing near my base. When I returned, the words "your Cutie was killed by megaladon" flashed in front of my eyes for a second. Cutie was my favorite Raptor. Then Joseph and Rose died. My base was far enough away from the water and the place where my raptors died, and I just didn't understand how it happened. One of the raptors survived. It was Stefan, whom I named after the person who first spoke to me on this server. Suddenly, a wild Raptor jumped out of the bushes and began to beat Stefan. He pushed it into the water, where it was eaten by sharks. F for Stefan :(

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