To tame Pyromanes on official you will run into the same issue I did, lack of dinos. I suggest kiting it to another island and using a boat with a small building ontop to kite and shoot from while itโ€™s in the water. Basic pump shotgun works very well for the first phase. Once you do enough damage it will be rideable for a few seconds move to it and climb on its back to start the 2nd phase. Run around and attack Dinoโ€™s and absorb the flames to take the pyromane. Absorbing the flames also heals the pyromane so donโ€™t be worried about fighting rexs and the other carnivores. Having someone scout ahead is very helpful. Once you get it to 100% do the flame boost and you have yourself a very hot kitty ๐Ÿ˜ have fun and be safe.

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