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Pyromane abilities and benefits

It passively cooks meat, along with that transforming it into jerky over time without oil (unsure if spark power needed)

In both forms it provides insulation but the lion form provides much greater insulation

It can provide fuel to refining forges and campfires

It has a immense damage over time ability in the form of its fire effect, this can go up in stages to 10

Think of its DOT being similar to the thylacoleo’s DOT (unsure of which is more)

Its battle abilities includes, a m1 bite applying the status

effect and dealing a base of 20 damage I believe, however the attack is a brutal one due to its speed of attack

Right click/Left bumper for console (I believe) uses the flame leap ability this can be used every 5 seconds

Holding right click/left bumper uses the flame trail ability this consumes some of its absorbed flames

Ctrl right click/ r3 + left bumper (I think) uses the flame absorb ability, it absorbs nearby flames and stores them for battle use

Ctrl + left click/r3 Right bumper uses the flame boost effect, this consumes absorbed flames to deal an additional 50% damage, lasts until cancelled or depleted of absorbed flames

Swap to shoulder pet, Ctrl + C (unknown of console keybind)

Self explanatory, it transforms it to the shoulder pet form

This has been utility of the pyromane, I apologize if I got some of the console keybinds wrong

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