Everyone talking about how they need to be ridable, actually read the dossiers and find out why they can't be ridden, especially this line "not suited to the life of a mount", also look at them, they have a far too slim build and skinny legs to be ridden, and for the in-game reason, firstly it would be kind-of OP to have a mount that can lie in wait invisibly for an enemy player or creature to walk over then stun them and do huge amounts of damage before they can fight back, secondly, they'd probably need some sort of special gear like a really long snorkel to stay under permanently with a rider, thirdly, the saddle would look ridiculous since you'd probably have to have a lot of straps and lie down on your stomach on its back. But still, one can't help but imagine the possibilities for say, surviving raids on your tribe's base by hiding underground or placing C4 in strategic positions around the underside of your enemies floors... But let's just say riding purlovias is better in mods.

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