I once had a pteranadon named Nick.

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I once had a pteranadon named Nick. He was in level 30 or something. One day we flew to a drop to loot. When we came to the drop there was to high level raptors. I didn’t want to fight, so I tried to fly away. But Nick ran out of stamina and landed right in front of the raptors. We servived the attack, but Nick didn’t have much health left. I left him on the beach so he could get more health. The drop was about ten meters away. Then I heard something and turned around and saw a dilophosaurus attack Nick. I ran to him to save him but it was to late. Just before I killed the dilophosaurus, Nick died. And he died for nothing, because the loot in the drop was worthless. Poor Nick. He was the only flying creature I have.

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