R.I.P Night Shadow

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R.I.P Night Shadow

I once had a Pteranodon named Night Shadow, we would fly all over the island, we would gather levels together, and we had each other’s back when fighting, but one day April 23, 2021 we were gathering materials to make a forge on top of a mountain when out of nowhere three allos ( one was an alpha) ambushed us , I wasn’t riding my pteranodon at that moment so I couldn’t fly him away, and knowing that he would die he saved me by going far enough so I had time to run but I just stood there sad, thinking that I could had prevented this by going somewhere else, but as the allos finished him and started coming for me so I ran to the top of the mountain where they couldn’t kill me and looked at them with anger, and one day I will make them pay...

R.I.P Night Shadow, I will never forget you

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