The life of a Newbie Reborn.

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The life of a Newbie Reborn.

I spawned and started to explore but then immediately died by a pteranodon after taking its egg, I could see that these dinos were a talented species so I considered taming one. It took about 5 levels to figure out how to tame one, I knocked my first pteranodon out with success. I’m an idiot, cuz I thought pteranodons were herbivores sooo that one was a fail, but I found another shortly after and successfully tamed this one I decided to name her Hope. Me and Hope had great times together though when I learned how to make a saddle I was overjoyed to be flying for the first time. She saved me from Dire Wolves, raptors, brontosaurus’s , carnos, argys, and even a rex! But one day when I was having a good time getting iron, I saw something pop up in the chat, “Hope (pteranodon lvl ...) was killed by Alpha Rex lvl 54... I was dejected within a second. I couldn’t even take it, Hope has been with me for 163 levels, but It’s time that I had to let her go. I later found the Rex and stared it straight in the face, I saw nothing, the battle began against me and that Hope stealing IDIOT!! I struck him with a gun, until he was one bullet away, I shot and he bit, we both died and I was satisfied, but still very dejected...

R.I.P Hope

My hope stayed with you till the very end...

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