One of my first tames was a pterodon.

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One of my first tames was a pterodon. It was easy to tame so I decided I wanted one early so it would level up.Only later when I got the saddle is when I realized how important the pterodon was for taming and travel.It was a high level with good stats.I discovered how useful it was for raptor attacks when I got dismounted by one.My pterodon distracted it and I was able to get away.Later on the screen I saw “Purple Girl level .... killed a raptor level ....”I realized how strong it was and made the worst choice, to go to the swamp and tame a Sarco, Kapro, or bary. I got attacked by a raptor but it died to my pterodon. Little did I know the danger I got into. I was about to knock the bary when 20 snakes climbed the rock I was on and bit me. My pterodon distracted them while I got away. Later I saw “Purple Girl level .... was killed by titanaboa level 30” I was shocked and sad.I will forever remember her. One ⬆️ = one respectful person.Thank you if you like.

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