I once had a pteranodon.

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I once had a pteranodon. His name was pterabyte and I really loved him. He had so good stamina, he could sprint fly all the way from herbivore Island to the snow biom. He saved me from an allosaurusgang, 3 rexs and 1 yuti and 2 alpha Raptors. I fought a giga with him and his brother (we won). He could kill a carno with 1 bite and tanked up to 5000 damage for me. But then I decided to set him free so he could live by his own. I gave him enough food to feed him and set him on wandering. I saw how he flew away into the sunset. And sometimes when I go to the vulcano I see him, how he flys around. It always warms my heart to see him happy.

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