What blood was I after?

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What blood was I after? SPINOSAURUS BLOOD. We massacred all and every one of the stupid animals. When I got to where I died, my item cache was gone. I looked around. Destinations body was gone. With no pteranodon saddle, I had to start from square one. Walking again. I did tame another pteranodon ( Named her Quantum flyer, tamed at level 25 ) and she is level 62 now + I have an Argy named Ari, but I always will miss Destination: Infinity!

I know people like to keep their first thing. But I couldn’t keep my first pteranodon. I couldn’t keep her for natural causes, along with mine to take the egg.

I’m not about self promotion. You can like, and I guess you can say it’s a prayer for Destination: Infinity!, but you don’t have to. It’s my fault that she’s dead. I wanted the spino egg. It’s my fault she attacked the spino. I had watched too many videos of Ark not to know the passive command. But She’s in a better place now.

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