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I manage to kill an alpha raptor, thanks to my pteronodon…

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I manage to kill an alpha raptor, thanks to my pteronodon, I was somewhere level 27, my pteronodon was only level 3 at that time, the alpha raptor was level 167. I died but my pteronodon survived when I was back to my feet, with my sarco and bow, I killed it.

Sad story when I lost my pteronodon, I was high level, it has been 209 days since the lost of my pteronodon in the swamp, I was riding my therinozauraus to gather some woods, when I came to the swamp to go home, I saw a pteronodon attacking 12 sarcos and 7 kapro, with titanoboa, the pteronodon has a saddle, then I realise it was my pteronodon, I sprinted with my tickle chicken, but it fell to the ground, it was lying there like it died, of course it did died, I was so shock that it survived that long without food, the implant was no longer there because the titanoboa harvested the body, I was raged and started to kill every creature I see in the swamp, avenging my pteronodon, not even the rexes in the swamp would kill me

The end

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