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To the guy from December 2020 whom talked about the no air pursuits

Get it right, man

A no air is hard without cheese (cheese strat at the end of this)

B lazarous chowder isn’t good. Scuba tanks are waaaay to easy to get at the point you unlock the pursuit. (Around lvl 75)

C it isn’t always mastercraft it depends on difficulty you we’re lucky enough to get a mastercraft on easy or medium.

Cheese: make a bed at one of the underwater caves, then put all your stuff in a chest or box, after, kill yourself or teleport to the bed, once your there, you may want to swim a little further. And boom your done. (Maybe teleport a strong or fast water mount down to you, are if your in multiplayer, teleport a sarco, Baryonyx, spino, or diplocaticous down to the bed.)

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