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Taming methods for newbies with weak gears, you will need:

A Dolphin (Ichthyosaurus): This guys won’t be attack by others creatures, so as long as you not dismount him your safe with sharks,... and his speed is good

Rex Kibble: Plesiosaur’s favorite food

Crossbow + Trans Arrow: Basic Combo for Unconsious

Lazarus Chowder + Fria Curry: Increase Cold resist and reduce Oxygen + Food consumption since you don’t have Scuba gears, and in order to find this guy you need to dive quite deep underwater, which lead to cold/freezing

Now find one, and when you see 1, shoot Trans Arrow as asual, but when he chase you, swim up near the surface and the Plesio will de-aggro you. Once he de-aggro, swim down again, shoot Trans, then continue to swim up if he wanna chase you. Repeat and repeat until he unconsious. Make sure there are no sharks around you b4 you dismount to feed Plesio otherwise yr screwed

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