So once upon a time I had a phimosis I called pARK (I…

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So once upon a time I had a phimosis I called pARK (I don’t remember why I named it this but I think it was because I thought I was funny when I got it)pARK was my first rideable tame I ever got. He helped me with metal collecting and farming, Anyways I was running around with my phimosis pARK, looking for a cave when I started to think whether or not to change pARK’s name to argyculture when I jumped off a cliff with my phiomia. He fell straight down along with me and we both died. I was able to get my stuff and pay respects to my phiomia when I discovered there was a single medium poop on it’s dead body. I realized that in all of this excitement he pooped and I keep that in a preserving bin ever since. Up if you liked this story and me old friend pARK

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