I had a parasaur, her name was tractor, She was level 20 something.

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I had a parasaur, her name was tractor, She was level 20 something. I also had three dodos, dodozilla, kfc and Clive (if you know the gaming beaver you’ll understand that last one) and a level 14 pegomastax, and a level 51 moschops (I’m 10 years old don’t ask me how it got to that level so fast ok?) so yea, I was exploring with destroyer (my moschops) and I saw a raptor killed one of my dodos (I think dodozilla) and I rushed back but because moschops are SO.DANG.SLOW. all my creatures perished. It’s because I watch a video about this person saying it was the safest area on ark (this lake not too far from the obelisk aka south zone 1) and nope. Not safe. I saw a SPINO near a river that lead to the redwoods. And a carno before my nentendo had a error and kicked me out of Ark. I am so disappointed after because some of those ants killed my otters and my pteranodon. I am thinking it is my fault for there death. It’s all because of that video. Idk the YouTube but look up “safest place on ark the island” you’ll find it. All because of that my dinosaurs died. I have to start again from scratch. But, luckily I didn’t go to the redwoods otherwise I would have died from a spino lol D:

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