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,(my true story) /!\warning this story is not for small kids ounder 5 year/!\ old also people how dont know what ark is dont get this story and some think were stupid or that this story is stupid and myself im a teenager and i play ark)

one's i started my first ark i was noob i didn't know how to build/pick up stone. sooner i finally got it. and i build a big house. i was so happy that i needed a true,trusted,nice,easy friend. so i fell in love with a parasaur so i builded a little house next to my house. and we went to explore. /!\sad spoiler alert/!\

then my house was getting dangerous so i found a good place to stay. then before you know i saw a raptor and i didn't know what it was so i walk up to it and it didn't attack me and my parasaur...... but........

THAT WAS BECAUSE IT WAS EATING A FRKNG PARASAUR. then it attack me and my parpar (that was his name) saved me but then he got killed i ran away wachting his head get eaten... i revenge him i build a house not far away but save. every day i went spying on him and the area around him. i buildt a big army that slowy but surely growed and growed. then i was so far. that stupid unfriendly meat eating machine.i was gana start war. so i said this is for you! ALL THESE DAY'S CRYING AND PRAYING FOR YOU TO COME BACK I WON WAR. some died but guys its possible to kill raptor's with parasaur's. then i made the biggest mistake im never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never gana make again. a little later }/!\{spoiler alert this may go to far for you and ark its game changing your game fully and not the fun way some people get crazy and broke stuff or so this is a warning for your best}/!\{

i noticed how to cheat and get in creative mode it was fun then but. soon i also noticed how change the settings and then. before you know my dinos were starving some died and some survival. some from the war and some new dino's. then they also died but slowly. i couldn't wacht anymore so. i delete my world and i lost all of my dinos crying and starving from hunger. :( and myself i was crying my hart was broken but i the right thing. it was wachting my dino's die or give them a faster dead. and now... .... ..... its time for part 2 of my journey. end?

so part two after training and training im finally ready >:( day 1 i buildt a big huis and i went to find parasaur. and i got one i named him nummber 1. then i saw 2 raptor's i made 4 bola's 2 for each. and i tamed them all 2. its like im speedrunning. then day 2 my nummber 1 died as know. then i got nummber two and i spent day 2/15 building a container on my raft and breeding raptor's then i went to that littel island its name is wilderness and there no meat killing machines so i can chill oh and nummber 2 and my tek raptor died. that tek raptor was tamed at day 13. now that im save its day 28 or 29 and i made chitine armour and how i get meat? well since im on singelplayer i just let me other account join then i kill that account simple. how i get leather? well since there spawn 10/165 dodo's per hour i just kill them. and i just need 2 levels then im level 56 and then i can make metal armour and since there ankylosaurus's and these gold colour metal rock's im fine i get 300 metal bars easy now im planning for taming a brontosaurus because its stuck in my base. and on day 5 i was running from 2 sarco's and then i went to the red obelisk to escape and i saw a quetzul and ima tame it plus ima try tame 100 parasaur FOR MY PARASAUR PARPAR. sorry i cant remember the day and stuff i have done ima try my best. day 30 im finally level 56 and i have metal armour and since there's a forest im gana try go there but im gana die for sure. day 31 i have found a good place to stay if there's anything going on. day 32 i have build a wooden house on the exit island. day 33/36 i have finally finished the stone wall with metal and wood spikes. day 37/48 im going to the volcano to get some obsidian.day 49 my petra named poison died as known but i got an new petra and i made it im in the volcano but im dieing from the heat and from water but i let my other account join then i give him the obsidian and went to vind water and go home. but in the middle of the forest i get knocked down by a dog i cant remember the name. day50 im going back to the volcano and placed a bed and i know a trick. so if you ar on singelplayer you can let a acount join and then if you go to far a way for that acount than acount get teleported to you so if i spawn in the volcano the other account get teleported to me but he has his stuff so i give him a metal pickaxe and i kill myself or i use a bed to go there and mine obsidian but i got to wait there 5 minutes to teleport back since if you use a bed it has a timer of 5 minutes so yah i use the kill trick but that's a easy way to go there without having a 99.5% possibly to die and a 0.5%.i cant type more i hit the max

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