Okay here’s a story= I was gathering some berries when I…

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Okay here’s a story= I was gathering some berries when I saw at the corner of my screen: You have entered a dangerous area! I didn’t think before I went home to see RAPTORS CHASING ME!!! My Parasur and pachy saved me but I died from low health. I respawned and thanked them they also survived with low health. I got my items and put them back where they were before the chase. I went inside to cook some Dodo kibble when I saw a predator outside near my house, I went back inside hoping I would be okay but NO…. When it was nighttime I saw the corner of my screen : You have entered a dangerous area! Again and I heard fighting outside. I heard a Parasur screech and opened the door AND SAW MY PARASUR AND THE PREDATOR FIGHTING! I got my spears but it was to late…. Lina (My parasur’s name) had died…. The predator chased me to the back of my house and it had 70 health so I killed it. I looked for my pachy front and backside of my house.. She was nowhere to be seen. My dodo (I have one for fertilizer and eggs) was alive because she was in the house and I was relieved. I stepped out and looked at a rock beside me.. my pachy was dead.. I screamed in my head and almost cried.. I didn’t see my Lina’s Creature implant and was so sad. I checked my inventory for the kibble and saw her implant. I felt joy crawling up my spine, I didn’t have any amber so I buyed the one dollar pack and went to a revive stone. I saw the bright shine and was so happy! LINA WAS BACK.

Meaning of the story: Be thankful for what you have

This is based on a true story that happend to me just now.

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