Behavior: Passive

The Ovis is a sheep primarily in the NE zone of Ragnarok. Wild, Ovis are a great mutton source for taming creatures, such as the Giga. Besides that they have no use wild. Tamed, they are a good source of wool, it’s really just pelt but easier to get. All you need are scissors. They can also be ridden as a battle mount or a joke, preferably battle mount. And best of all, they are the best non-shoulder mount companion in the ARK, and they have a part time job as a pillow. The Ovis is one of the most valuable creatures in the ARK. Do not take it for granted.


You will need: Sweet Vegetable Cake

First, Find it in the NE zone

Lastly, feed it cake

Easy as pie. And here’s a note from are sponsors

I am Commander Ovis! Do not kill these bundles of joy! Or I shall have your head at once! If you do find a godly sheep, FEED IT’S DESIRED FOOD, CAKE!!! If you choose not too, Commander Ovis and his army of the toughest sheep, shall destroy you beach bob hut! That is all I shall tell you now. So stay in you place and bow to the Ovis gods!

-Commander Ovis

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