The story of Sucy the otter (R.I.P)

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The story of Sucy the otter (R.I.P)

A long time ago, in a small concealed area in the white cliffs, two otters spawned, one male and one female. 4 players also spawned in the same area, and two of them tamed the two otters. One was named Sucy, the other Jay. The place that the players lived in was peaceful, and no predators had ever spawned, only parasaurs, pteranodons, jerboas, and procoptodons. The players made a tribe and together built a small thatch hut to live in for the time being. Everything was fine, until one day a pack of raptors spawned in. The tribe only had stone tools and spears, and couldn’t do much against the strong, lvl 50-60 raptors. The pack attacked us at night, and the tribe wasn’t prepared. It was a bloody battle and the only survivors in the end were two jerboas and Sucy the otter. Jay, Sucy’s husband was killed in the battle, every dinosaur that was outside the house was also killed, so the tribe decided that they would try to find a different place to live, but the only way out of the area they lived in was a small, narrow cave. The tribe traversed through the cave and found themselves in a beautiful meadow with a small waterfall next to it, nobody had expected the terrors that were to come :(. The tribe explored the meadow, searching for a way to get out into the mainland, until they discovered a pack of deinyochuchs (idk how to spell it) the feathery raptors murdered both our jerboas and chased us down. Our leader, also the host of the server, Was tackled and killed by one of them. (It was a non-dedicated server on Xbox) so after she respawned, we were all teleported to a different place, but this time it was a massive, flat, grassy island. We found a broken stone dock on the shore of the island and decided to live there for the time being. This island also seemed to be safe, and there were no predators in sight. A couple of days later, I took Sucy into the forest near the bridge we were living on, I found a small pond filled with fish, so I started to farm the fish to feed Sucy, since that was the only thing she ate. I had finally killed at least 18 fish until I saw IT... a big alpha Rex attacking a stego in the distance. I ran for my life with Sucy sitting on my shoulder and screamed at my friends that we should find a different island to stay on. We decided that the Rex probably wouldn’t come near our bridge though, and continued to live there. After a day, the Rex had still not come close to the bridge, so we thought we were going to be safe. We began to tame any friendly dinosaur we could find, and even started to build a home. But when the sun went down, we were all gathered around our campfire to cook some meat, and then we heard loud footsteps behind us, he turned around, and saw the alpha Rex attacking two Brontos at the same time, we thought that the brontos were sure to kill the Rex, but it quickly eliminated both brontos and then came for us. We heard the horrifying roar of the creature as we ran for our lives, we whistles our dinosaurs to follow us, but they were all already attacking the Rex. I grabbed Sucy and me and my tribe ran as the kill notifications popped up on our screens over and over again. All of our dinosaurs were dead, except Sucy the otter. We ran to the other side of the island, but the Rex still pursued us. We quickly began to harvest wood and stone and just time, crafted a raft and as fast as we could, left the island. We began to search for a new island. But while we were looking on our raft, a sarco swam up to us and jumped onto our raft. It quickly killed both our leader and one of my friends. So I jumped off of the raft with Sucy still sitting on my shoulder, and just before the sarco could finish me and Sucy off, our host. Respawned and we were dragged by the server barrier. This time, we spawned on top of the great white cliffs, and were immediately attacked by a pack of allos, as we tried to run, I accidentally threw Sucy off my shoulder and watched in horror as the kill notification popped up on my screen: Sucy lvl 15 (otter) was killed by allosaurus lvl 70!

We all died once again, and spawned on a beach, the first safe place we had ever been since the beginning of the server. Out of respect for Sucy, we named our tribe raft after her.

R.I.P Sucy the otter, swim on in otter heaven ;(

(Based on a true story)

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