One day my friend was over to play on electronics,and she…

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One day my friend was over to play on electronics,and she got this cool game that I liked it was called Ark I thought it was cool so I got it and well I got my first Dino a couple days later, it was a mochops and his name was magma a I got a couple dilos after one was toxic and the other was earthquake so one day me,magma,toxic,and earthquake were out and all of the sudden a raptor ran up behind us, toxic and earthquake started to fight I did to but then ran away with magma,after I told toxic and earthquake to go back home but magma was told to do the same but he did not,I was cornered then the raptor charged at me but before he could magma ran in front of me and protected me I ran but magma was at a low health fighting so...I said my last,I love you good bye.Me,toxic,and earthquake made it out but...magma did not make it he risked his life for me,some day I am going to KILL that raptor,we will get our revenge me,toxic,and earthquake.R.I.P magma you will be missed

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