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Prime Meat Gathering (In My world) tip (Ocean edition):

1. Get a mosa, and get its platform saddle.

2. Build a base with all useful things, including an industrial griller (If want cooked, please bring gasolines) or preserving bin (If want raw, please bring sparkpowders).

3. Pair it with a basilo/tuso and go to the deep sea.

4. Command your team to attack enemies tgat drops prime meat upon death, assist them by riding your mosa and attack, the higher the level, the stronger and tankier it is and better.

5. Gather your fallen enemies' corpses (Recommended using mosa)

6. If you want it cooked then turn on industrial griller (Tip: If you run out of gasoline you can collect oil from your basilo/tuso and refine them)

And If you want it raw then use preserving bin (Bring many sparkpowders)

7. Enjoy your prime meat :)

You're welcome. No need to like tip :)

-Ark Mobile player Venti0122


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