This tame is a Bad in escaping but for fighting its a good one. You should tame one at lvl 80 lvl it up on health. A lvl 55 would do it too. If you need one for just gathering berries you can use a low Level one like 22 lvl and lvl it up on weight so you dont need to drop all the time.


Lmb:normal attack good for side and Front Attacks

Rmb: high jump attack good for Killing Vultures,Argies,and insectes

It carrys water btw 750 each time you would drink 100 means you good for 7 drinks before reacharging

This abbility is good for travelling tribes or if you have a base without any water source.


The taiming is the easiest Part cause you just need a bomerang and try to get it in a corner where it cant escape.

Now feed him berries and ask a nice tribe for berries.

PS: Starve it,it would be an insta tame

Review by AndreDaFrench

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