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Ah yes, the good ol bug eater. But can it eat bugs as much as we expect? Today I will test that out to fight the gamma, beta and alpha broodmothers! By the way the megatheriums aren’t mutated and are level 430-470

Gamma: Set them to aggresive for bug buff. Oh boy, soon they started SHREDDING the big spider. It died in about 1 minute and 30 seconds,

Beta: At about half hp she killed just one of them, but overall she died without any more casualties.

Alpha: Yknow the drill, aggresive. But she was pretty fast so the megatheriums got the bug buff early. But then she killed 3 at the SAME TIME. Things went pretty downhill from there. The megatheriums got her to 1/4th hp, but soon they were all mowed down.

So, what do i think? I think that megatheriums are really good for the broodmother! And keep in mind, these were UNMUTATED megatheriums.

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