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Meganuera everything you need to know

These large dragonflies spawn at swamps, rivers, lakes and even beach’s sometimes. They spawn in large clusters of up to sometimes 20 or + but that is rare. Due to the large amount of predators stronger than it, they are now nearly scavengers feeding off of the dead. Don’t confuse the, with the far FAR more aggressive titan ant (titanmyrma) the titan ants make a buzz noise these guys make more of a buzz and clicking sound. They are not normally aggressive toward the player unless provoked or challenged for food. If harmed or stolen from it will enter a rage state. In this state they are highly aggressive and will attack the player and there tames/mounts. There bite has a stamina draining venom that is t much of a problem at mid game or endgame but they will destroy you at early game if you don’t have good stamina. They are untameable. They won’t attack you unless you track them if you have bug Repellant on. I have no more room to type on gtg.

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