Can't believe my luck, I was flying over Highlands Bay, on Ragnorrock, looking for Mantas to tame. When I saw a Basilasaurus in the Bay. Several Mantas were swimming along with it. I pulled out my spyglass and and found a male and female, 140 & 145, were swimming in the group. So I chomped some bug spray, put my tank on and jumped in. suprisingly, there were not only the male and female I had previously spotted. But, three additional females all above 135, and to add the icing on the cake, the Basilasaurus was also a 135. Some days you can't take two steps without being devoured by a Rex, respawn, only to be devoured by the very same Rex. And then you get days like this, where they fall into your lap. So my tip is to stay vigilante and keep your eyes peeled for those happy surprises. Oh! and don't sweat the large dino that eats you four consecutive times. Happy Arking!!!😁

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