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One of the most underrated tames for battle up there with the yuti and piggy in usefullness. It is respected for it's harvesting abilities. Gathers wood and thatch like no other, a pair of mammoths harvesting the entire forest is almost required for high end theri saddles and the large amount of wood they need. They can compare to rexs damage wise, tusks do less damage but attack faster than a rex's bite better for long fights, their stomp does more damage than the bite but attacks slower and is better for smaller stuff. They also have a roar debuff which works on bosses decreasing their damage by 25% (great with yuti roar and pig healing) and can pick up smaller tames and players and gore, stomp or throw them. They can also eat veggie cakes to heal. They have niche uses vs the Dragon (or anyone using fire) as they can spray water which puts out fires, and are vegetarians so don't take the extra damage from the dragons flame attack. The spray will also stun flyers and water crops or you if needed. Their turning radius is great for their size. A buddy can ride on the mammoths 2nd seat and beat a drum which gives you better stam Regen. Haven't found much of use for it other than harvesting so you don't have to stop and recharge as much but you'd be better of having the other player just harvest on their own. Finally, they are easy to find and tame don't even need a trap a lot of the time.

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