So to start this off is when I just got genis and yes I…

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So to start this off is when I just got genis and yes I know its late to post this but I went strait for getting myself a magma puppy died the first time. Second time a week later my blood boi that I named Bloody Hell died and I almost died no eggs tho in the run. The last run was a win no mount after a month of getting ready. Got back to base to raise the cute little boy. I was scared cause my stone base was being attacked by 2 high level rexs got to kill them both. After a wait of 2 and a half hours it hatched so I held the pup so closeup to me that I would not even let a tribe mate touch it. My tribe mate tryed throwing it out of the base cause it was half size of an adult and I ended up making a house for it and me it was just to cute for it to be with the rest of my friends tames. (Me and him had are own tame pens) The house I made was for my tames. A week after that happened he was raided just his side of the base cause I had another friend in that tribe that told his mates not to attack my structers. I ended up taking all my tames and joining them. Happy Endind for me. Not so much for the one friend.

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