Ok so it was the the second day of play scorched earth…

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Ok so it was the the second day of play scorched earth with my friend and sister (both are bobs) and I decided that me and my sister should tame a lymantria so we set out to get some we ended up taming two named moon (mine) and lavender (my sisters). Cut to a few days later and I went to go on a scouting mission (I can’t remember why) and I took lavender with me as she was higher level then moon. I was by the mountains at red ob and I saw a level 100 argy so I landed on a ledge. My plan to tame it was to use lavenders fart gas to slow the Argy and knock it out. My friend was online and was making tranq arrows for the argy since I had none on me. Than I ,are a mistake while testing the fart gas I over shot the ledge a ran out of stamina and in true ark fashion I fell straight into a pack of carnos I ALMOST died and I got away but I didn't have that much stamina and couldn't make it to the ledge and fell and lavender died to fall damage. So there I was a a mountain right next to two thorny dragons, luckily my friend was on his with his dire wolf and my tek raptor. Once he got there I made a mad dash down the mountain and hopped on my raptor a killed the carnos that followed me. We didn't tame the level 100 argy but we did tame a level 95 and tamed it sand storm and tamed a level 60 so my sister wouldn’t rip me to shreds. I used that argy to tame a wyvren, so without lavenders sacrifice or my stupidity I wouldn’t be where I was today.

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