So,me being me, casually taking my raft not knowing of the…

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So,me being me, casually taking my raft not knowing of the existence of this creature, i stopped somwhere near shore to get some meat and cook it up for some food, i saw it spawn heads-down and literraly stared at it for 10 minutes when id decided to swim down bc i was dumb and thought it was something that will just be like a meg and probably kill me and my pterano "The Seeker" so i was rowing on literal half meter deep shore, i was dissapointed that i had to do it and then i looked up aquatics here on dododex i saw its name and googled if its dangerous, when i heard it attacks rafts my heart stopped, but alr it was far away and i assumed it was slow as heck. There I was, on my raft chillin and riding to herbivore island and not caring abt anything bc I found out that megs dont care if ur on a raft they just chill down there and i was rowin like nothing was more important to me, suddenly there arrived a fin, AN EXRTREMELY LARGE FIN! Then it was a back and then a neck, i got scared but thought it could be some other dino, there i stood rowing in panic bc i was confused but then he swam up whole, this monster, this terror, i got away to herbivore island, I accidentally changed my tribe and i assume all my dinos back home are not mine anymore, and idc I didnt think they would betray me so i will DoTame, my pterano is somewhere on the other side, trilobites dont wanna spawn so i cant get a pterano saddle, i am trying through ankylo killing, the main reason were ankylos but in every case i tamed a temporary phiomia and parasaur, I am still stranded on the island and i see creatures that r big underwater idk if its this guy but i dont want to risk it, i would love to play with someone who could save me, im playing with epic, and dont know how to play without hamachi, pls give advice or smth im gonna die on this island if i run out of dinos to kill help pls.

Also where do I find pachys i had a hard time finding them.

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